Our Responsibility

deugro group is, and always has been, dedicated to working at all levels to the highest standards—in terms of society, ethical behavior, safety and the environment. This starts with our CEO and applies to all employees in their daily tasks as well as when cooperating with our clients, suppliers and business partners.


The deugro group and its companies foster an ongoing culture of honesty, integrity, respect, professionalism and personal accountability, starting at the very top with our CEO and the Compliance Committee.

The deugro group and its companies are committed to conducting business lawfully and with the utmost respect for the people with whom we interact on a daily basis, the communities in which we operate, and the environment. This strong culture of ethics and integrity creates a competitive advantage for us as well as for our clients.

We bring our compliance efforts to life in all of our business activities using our own special compliance tools. Our standards of ethics and compliance are clearly defined in our Code of Ethics and Compliance, and integrated into a robust Compliance Management System.

We incorporate compliance across all our companies and in everything they do, how they do it and where they do it. These corporate regulations are mandatory for all group company branches worldwide. All employees and business partners are required to work and adhere to these regulations at all times.

Speak Up! Reporting Channel

Do you have an ethics or compliance related question or concern?

Speak Up! is deugro group’s primary reporting channel. To make it easier to raise questions or concerns securely and confidentially about potentially unethical behavior or policy violations, we have engaged Convercent, a third-party solution provider, to administer Speak Up! This resource is always available to you in multiple languages by phone or Internet.

Contact our Compliance Officer

Name:  Jessica Kaplan
Title : Head of Global Legal and Compliance
Phone: +41 43 2111044

Email:  compliance@deugro-group.com


All companies of the deugro group benefit from a comprehensive group Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (QHSES) set-up. The utilization of the group’s Integrated Management System provides a HSE and quality management system that produces world-class service with impeccable HSE and quality performance.

QHSES has set two key targets: complete health and safety of employees and stakeholders, and customer satisfaction. We achieve this through a persistent monitoring of our QHSES performance by our CEO and Executive Board, as well as a constant focus on planning, designing and project execution, among others. Furthermore, the QHSES department is the driver of continuous improvement in creating lessons learned by utilizing leading indicators, and of a culture of open and transparent communication. 

It is our duty to set objectives that do not compromise quality, health, safety, the environment and security.

Tax Strategy

The UK tax strategy is published in compliance with UK regulations.